We stand by the quality of the Technician Services. We understand, however, that unexpected things can and do sometimes happen and we hope to help ensure your TechEasy experience continues to be an experience you would feel comfortable recommending to others. Accordingly, at TechEasy, we voluntarily stand behind our Technician Services with the TechEasy Promise, so you can be confident you’re getting a high level of service at a great value. This Peace-of-Mind Policy (the “Peace-of-Mind Policy”) sets forth the benefits, eligibility requirements, and procedure for submitting a claim under the TechEasy Promise.

This Peace-of-Mind Policy should be read in conjunction with the TechEasy Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) and are incorporated by reference therein. Undefined capitalized terms used herein have the same meanings as such terms are given in the Agreement.

  1. Peace-of-Mind Policy. If you are not reasonably satisfied with the performance of a Technician Service, you may submit a claim (a “Claim”) to us in accordance with this Peace-of-Mind Policy. If we determine, in our sole discretion, that your Claim meets all eligibility requirements (“Eligibility Requirements”) as provided herein, we may, at our sole discretion and pursuant to the terms provided herein, seek to fix the problem in a manner determined by us, which may include using the same or another Technician, as applicable, to attend the premises and fix the problem, or otherwise reimbursing you for the amount you have paid for the Technician Service if applicable. Provided that you meet all Eligibility Requirements and provide us with an Eligible Claim, you will not be charged for Technician Services until you are reasonably satisfied.
  1. Eligibility Requirements. We reserve the right to review or consider only those Claims that meet all Eligibility Requirements provided herein and are under no obligation to review or consider a Claim or notify a User who has filed a Claim that does not meet the Eligibility Requirements as follows:
  1. TechEasy User Compliance. You must be and at all times during the Claim process remain in full compliance with the Agreement (including this Peace-of-Mind Policy). 
  1. Requests. The service that is the subject of your Claim must be a Technician Service coordinated through the Website, by phone by calling 647-501-0551 or by email by contacting support@TechEasy.com (the “Valid Contact Methods”). For clarity, any work done by a Technician that was organized by direct contact or follow up with such Technician, by phone call, text, or otherwise, is not considered a Technician Service. Your Claim will not be eligible for the TechEasy Promise if you connected with a Technician to provide any part of the Technician Service that is the subject of your Claim by any method other than a Valid Contact Method.
  1. Performance of Technician Service. All work done pursuant to the Technician Service that is the subject of your Claim must have been performed by a Technician in their capacity as such. If, in connection with the Technician Service underlying your Claim, you choose to hire or contract with additional worker(s) without making a request through the Website or without contacting us by a Valid Contact Method, your Claim will not be eligible for the TechEasy Promise.
  1. No Alterations or Modifications. You must not alter or modify any parts, equipment, service or work provided by the Technician, except to the extent reasonably necessary to minimize damage to the premises resulting from your Claim. If we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have materially altered or modified any of the work performed or parts or equipment provided by the Technician relating to your Claim and that your alteration or modification in any way contributed to the problem or issue, your Claim will not be eligible for the TechEasy Promise.
  1. No Work or Recommendations Declined. If, during the performance of the Technician Service, the Technician makes reasonable recommendations to address the problem identified in the Claim or any other problems that may have been discovered in the course of the performance of the Technician Services (the “Recommended Services”) and you declined the Recommended Services, or any part thereof, your Claim will not be eligible for the TechEasy Promise to the extent we determine, in our sole discretion, that the Recommended Services may have addressed part or all of your Claim.
  1. Claim Submitted Within Thirty Days. If you choose to submit a Claim under the TechEasy Promise, you must do so in accordance with the process described herein and within thirty (30) days after the last day of work performed as logged by the Technician, on the Technician Service. Any Claims filed after the 30-day deadline will not be eligible for the TechEasy Promise. 
  1. Submitting and Processing a Claim. If you wish to submit a Claim, you may email us at support@TechEasy.com or call us at 647-501-0551 and provide the following information: your name, address and email address; a complete description of the Technician Service that is the subject of the Claim, work performed, and the problem arising therefrom; and such other information or documentation (including photos) reasonably required to assess your Claim. Any discretion, review, determination, option, right, choice or decision exercisable by us hereunder and throughout the Claim process will be at our sole discretion, regardless of whether the phrase “in our sole discretion” is used or not. By filing a Claim, you agree to timely provide all additional information or documentation as we may reasonably request from time to time and represent and warrant to us that all information you provide during the Claim process is accurate, complete, and fairly represents the problem underlying your Claim. You further agree that we may, and authorize us to, share your Claim and any information you provide us in connection with the Claim with the applicable Technician. We reserve the right to determine if the evidence you provide is reasonable and sufficient to process your Claim in accordance with this Peace-of-Mind Policy and to request additional information relating to your Claim at any time. You agree that your rights under the TechEasy Promise will be subject to your providing us with all requested information. On a commercially reasonable efforts basis, we will address your problem as soon as reasonably practicable, but you acknowledge that it may take up to thirty (30) days from the time you submit your Claim and all required documentation to complete resolution of your Claim. You agree that we will have no liability for any failure to resolve or make payment for your claim within this projected time period. Further, you understand and agree that if you fix or repair (or hire another service provider to fix or repair) any problem that resulted in the filing of your original Claim with us prior to us processing and resolving your Claim, your Claim will be automatically disqualified and you will be ineligible to receive any protection or payment from us for that Claim, unless such fix or repair was necessitated by exigent circumstances (such as loss of electricity or water, or water damage), as we so determine. When we receive your Claim, we will decide whether it is eligible for protection under the TechEasy Promise (an “Eligible Claim”). If your Claim is an Eligible Claim, we will choose the appropriate resolution. We reserve the right to determine that your Claim is not an Eligible Claim and may, though are under no obligation to, notify you of your Claim’s ineligibility by email to the email address you have provided to us.
  1. Remedying Your Eligible Claim. If we decide that your Eligible Claim has merit, we may, in our sole discretion, attempt to remedy the problem by: sending Technicians to you at our expense; pay you the amount you originally paid for the Technician Service if applicable; or provide such other remedy or combination of remedies as we determine may fix or help fix the problem. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and without in any way restricting the limits and exclusions set out in the Agreement, the maximum amount we will incur or reimburse you for a Claim under the TechEasy Promise will not exceed $1,000 in the aggregate or the total amount paid by you for the Technician Service, whichever is lower, regardless of the amount of damage claimed. If we decide to remedy the problem or seek alternative estimates for repair of the problem, you agree that you will cooperate with such efforts, including providing access to the premises, meeting with the Technician(s), as applicable and as identified by TechEasy, to correct the identified problem(s), and providing complete and accurate information to any necessary third party about the Technician Service and your attempts to resolve the Claim. We reserve the right to remedy your Eligible Claim under the TechEasy Promise, if at all, in the manner we determine, including by arranging for the Technician to fix the problem, or by mailing you a cheque.
  1. Waiver and Release. You understand and agree that we are voluntarily offering the TechEasy Promise and are under no obligation to do so under the Agreement. Any remedy we may choose to provide your Eligible Claim under the TechEasy Promise, if at all, may be subject to your execution of a waiver and release (“Waiver and Release”) in the form we provide to you. Such Waiver and Release will require you to waive, release, and forever discharge us from and against any and all manner of liabilities, claims, demands, suits, damages (including direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental and consequential damages), costs, expenses, debts, actions and causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever related to or arising from the Claim.
  1. Voluntary Offer. The TechEasy Promise is a voluntary offer from us and in no way restricts the limits and exclusions provided in the Agreement. 
  1. Termination of TechEasy Promise and Effect of Amendment. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate the TechEasy Promise at any time without notice. Any such termination will not affect the availability of the TechEasy Promise for Technician Services performed prior to such termination, but will be effective going forward as of the time the TechEasy Promise was terminated. If we choose to amend this Peace-of-Mind Policy under the “Amendments and Access” section of the Agreement, we will post the revised Peace-of-Mind Policy on this page at www.techeasy.ca and we will indicate at the bottom of such page the date of the last revision or modification. A revised Peace-of-Mind Policy is effective on the date posted. However, the Peace-of-Mind Policy in effect on the date that a Technician Service underlying a Claim was requested will apply to that Claim.

If you have any questions about the TechEasy Promise, you may email us at support@TechEasy.com or call us at 647-501-0551.

DATE: August 28, 2023