Work from Home Setup

Work from Home Setup

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  • Measure your internet speed and connectivity.
  • Ensure WiFi signal in your home is strong so you don’t have any needless interruptions.
  • Examine your computer’s security protocols, make sure they’re up to date
  • Ensure that all your critical peripherals are connected, working and that you know how to use them including: Printers, Webcams, Monitors, Monitor stands, Wireless keyboards and Wireless Mouse

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1 review for Work from Home Setup

  1. Hilton

    I have used TechEasy twice and on both occasions their response for help was met with enthusiasm and professionalism. They also added value in providing input as to the appropriate solution which improved the solution I was looking for.

    I bought the product through them which made the process more pleasant. Both installers were on time, they were polite and swift. Their work was perfect and neat. They left with no mess at all.


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